Bulkhead Design

Lanier has designed Shoreline Revetment and Erosion solutions along various waterways in the Gulf South. We specialize in bulkhead design, revetment design, and tailored bulkhead design options for our clients. We work closely with HR Wallingford on the coastal analyses needed for wave action as well as other concerns in the coastal environment. Whether it is installing a new bulkhead or assessing a shoreline failure Lanier can provide the best solution for any given project.

In the Gulf area, we are all familiar with the damages that hurricanes can cause to shoreline areas. Lanier has worked with several Ports including the Port of Beaumont after Harvey, the Port of Gulfport after Katrina as well as many private entities to help inspect post storm damage to shorelines as well as providing the detailed engineering required to get a shoreline protected to allow for safe utilization of the facility. We work hand in hand with geotechnical companies for these projects and provide the scope of work necessary to perform borings. We provide hydrographic surveys in house to understand the situation including utilizing multi-beam and side scan sonar. We also work with area divers for inspections below water if needed and keep staff on the dive boat during the inspection. As you will see from the projects below, we are well versed in what it takes to provide shoreline protection in all facets of the marine industry.

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